Influential People of Waco

“We all have our people and smile thinking of the memories that come up every now and then—you know the ones. Memories that months or even years later can still make you laugh, brought to life through a song, a smell, a taste.

They are important, and your people are more than any place ever could be.”


Finding a Home among the Homeless

“I showed up broken and needy, just like they did. They didn’t know I didn’t have a washer or dryer either. They didn’t know I, too, was deeply grateful for the dinner at The Cove because that was one more meal I didn’t have to worry about. They didn’t know I often went to counseling and worked through trauma the same day they did at The Cove.”

The Joy Set Before Him

“I remember the pain choosing between the impossibility of what I wanted most and the reality of what was important for me to survive. After only five years, I saw my life in two extremes: dancing with my mommy and pleading for my safety.”